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American football is not just a sport in the country. It is much more than that. It is our culture, pride and many of the Americans’ go-to places when they are having clouds above their heads. This is something that never goes out of style. A perfect weekend consists of few beers and football highlights for the majority of the crowd. American football has been at the heart of the cultural shift for many decades now. This platform also provides people with numerous opportunities to hone their skills. This sport not just provides entertainment but also provides job security for many of the people. Many of the channels stream these football events. Some of the most famous are ESPN, Fox Sports Go Roku, NBC, CBS, etc. Cord cutters are known to take the hit due to their lack of knowledge on how to stream their favorite sport without the cable. Many of the people who just depend on the streaming platform like Roku are pulling their hair on How to stream NFL games live? If you are one among them, sit back, relax and read this blog to know alternative ways on how to stream NFL games live.

how to stream NFL games live

how to stream NFL games live

You can Stream This Popular Sporting Event by the Following Ways,

Through your good’ol Antenna

You can use an off-air antenna to pick-up a variety of channels that stream the NFL like CBS, ESPN, FOX, and a lot of local channels that are under the partnership with their parental company. Using an off-air antenna, you can pick up signals as far as 100km away. Antennas are also cheap, but you need a Roku TV for the direct connection, but if you’ve one, you just hit a jackpot!!!

Roku TV comes with a tuner; hence you don’t have to worry about it. Antennas also pick up most of the local channels. This gives a variety of choices for the users.

Put your TV Provider’s Credentials into use

You are lucky if you still have the TV provider’s credentials with you. Most of the channels that broadcast the NFL like CBS, NBC, etc. are available on the Roku channel store. You can download the channel and use your TV provider’s credentials to log-in to the channel. All you have to do is dig a bit deeper and find yourself a suitable channel.

HULU with live TV

This is the best option if you are looking to reap better than you have sown. If you already have the on-demand service with HULU you can get this at 32$ or else you would be paying around 40$ per month. You can watch many other shows along with this channel.

YouTube TV

This is one of the easiest alternatives to any other available channels because of the easy availability of the channel across many streaming devices. This will cost of the YouTube TV around 50$ per month but an easy alternative if you are a couch potato or at the brink of the moment.

Sling TV

One of the classic options if you are a cord-cutter; many of the ESPN options are available under its famous “orange” plan that doesn’t put a hole in your pocket. You will be paying 30$ per month under this plan. This includes most of the sports option that is under huge demand.

Fubo TV

It is not wrong to say this channel as the dedicated sports channel; this has most of the CBS channels under its plan. This will cost you 55$ per month and that’s a bit more money than the other channels.

Playstation Vue

Originally from Sony, this will cost you 55$ per month and will include most of the channels like CBS, NBC, and FOX. This is a great option if you are willing to pay a bit more and you are a big sports fanatic.

You should check this out if you want more channels at a meager price. The Disney bundle that costs just around 12 bucks per month will include Disney+ and the ESPN+ that are notorious for the sporting events they broadcast.

Also, most of the channels mentioned above have a free 7-day trial that anyone can use to watch any content on their device.

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