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Before you begin making use of our website go-roku-express.com, all terms and conditions laid out by us must be acknowledged, by using our website or our service, the user’s acknowledgment is hereby registered. This being the User Agreement or simply Agreement governs all aspects including the resources, the website or its services and any form of communication.


go-roku-express.com reserves all rights to discontinue the publishing of information and provision of its services at any point in time without leaving any prior notice. That is either published or delivered by the website or its representatives for any inaccuracies in information, we cannot be held liable or responsible.

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Being the sole property of the website, without prior permissions from the competent authorities, the copyright logos, design or content cannot be used by anyone.


Disputes that arise between the go-roku-express.com website and its users shall be governed by the state laws, wherever applicable and if not commenced within one year of its first occurrence, the claim or cause of action shall be considered null and void

Limitation of Liability

We will not hold ourselves liable for any info published or service rendered by our website and moreover, this will stand good for any information or communication that is associated with the go-roku-express.com website, denying any claims on this basis.

Privacy Policy

Visit our website go-roku-express.com Privacy Policy for more details


While speaking with our website’s representatives the users shall refrain from using abusive, vulgar, threatening, obscene, unlawful or offensive language failing which severe legal actions will be taken against the client.


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