Oscar Nominated Movies 2020 and Where to Watch it

“The Oscars” is the benchmark for not just Hollywood, but the world cinema as a whole. This is not just a mere award presenting ceremony with hosts joking about the red carpet fails. This is more of a tradition. Oscars also known as the academy awards, push the industry to make better art. That’s an undeniable fact. Oscars are so over-powered that even nomination for the award is a prestigious thing. The academy award ceremony comes with a huge pack of rave anytime it arrives, but the Oscar nominated movies-2020, are something to look forward to. The year 2019 has given us some of the finest artwork that is no longer just for the critics to understand but got the general audience on its ropes. Read this blog to know how to watch Oscar nominated movies on Roku.

Oscar Nominated Movies 2020

Oscar Nominated Movies 2020

The Irishman

Look at the cast of this movie and try not watching it, we dare you. The list includes Al Pacino, Robert De Niro, Joe Pesci, Harvey Keitel and a lot more. This epic is directed by Martin Scorcese one of the epic filmmakers form the Hollywood industry.

As most of the cast members are aged, they used a special technique that allows the subject’s age to be reduced. Not to mention, this star studded cast is also known for both the nominations and also winning the award.

Where to watch The Irishman?

You can watch this great movie on Netflix, even with the basic plan. Make sure you use the one month trial period, too.

The nominations,

  • Best picture
  • Cinematography
  • Costume design
  • Visual effects
  • The screenplay, and a lot more.


This is no surprise, as the movie makes into the nomination. Audiences were taken by surprise as their famous comic book character came into life, more than ever by Joaquin Pheonix. The pressure of starring the role of “joker” is no ordinary thing. The legendary actor Heath Ledger has won the award for his role as Joker in Batman: the dark knight. In spite of the pressure from both the audience and the critics, Joaquin has portrayed this role of joker flawlessly.

Where to watch the joker?

Fandango and Vudu are your easiest choices, but if the circumstances allow, the movie is also available on Redbox and Apple TV.

The nominations

  • Leading actor
  • Editing
  • Makeup and hairstyling
  • Cinematography
  • Original score
  • Direction and a lot more.

Marriage Story

The story follows a “happy” couple, who are going through a divorce. This movie is ridiculously simple, yet beautiful. The movie has Scarlett Johansson and Adam Driver in the lead. People are mesmerized by the movie, even though it unfolds the harsh truth that follows every marriage. The constant battle between professional excellence and personal life cannot be portrayed more beautiful than this.

Where to watch the marriage story?

Netflix is your haven to stream this Oscar nominated movie 2020 on Roku.

The nominations

  • Actor and actress in a leading role
  • Supporting actress
  • Screenplay
  • Original score

Once Upon a Time in Hollywood

This is a classic Tarantino movie that indulges you in an immersive experience of action, comedy, more of a darker comedy and rewrites the events of the history to an alternate possibility. Tarantino is known for his unique way of story-telling and film making techniques. No amount of action is too much in a Tarantino movie. In addition to his direction mastery, the cast makes this movie a compelling watch. The movie has Di Caprio and Brad pitt as the leading actors. Margot Robbie plays the female lead in the movie.

Where to stream?

You can watch this Oscar nominated movie 2020 on Roku through mainstream channels like google play and apple TV. You can also stream this on Vudu, Redbox, Fandango, etc.

The nominations

  • Leading actor
  • Supporting actor
  • Best picture
  • Sound mixing
  • Cinematography
  • Screenplay and a lot more.

Avengers: Endgame

Marvel’s one of the finest production so far. Fanboys have been waiting for this movie for so many years now. After learning the fact that all the heroes are connected by the infinity stone, the pressure to bring along the total cast in a single movie grew faster. This movie has Captain America, Iron man, Thor, Hulk, black panther, winter soldier, war machine, Wanda, captain marvel, black widow, hawkeye, ant-man, doctor strange and many more. If you are a marvel fanboy or in general a comic fanatic, this movie is a soul soother for you.

Where to watch avengers: endgame?

Since the launch of Disney’s channel, Disney plus is one of your best options. Other streaming services like Apple TV and Fandango can also stream this movie.

The nominations

  • Visual effects

The Lion King

Disney has created many impeccable movies, but the lion king is a standard of its own. The movie revolves around the main character “samba-the lion cub” and the life events around it. Drastic changes happen to the son of the throne and fate seems to have an upper-hand. The movie is a class apart from the rest of the movies as it narrates the story of life’s beauty even though it is not a pleasant ride to take. Simply stream this movie when you are feeling down or reach a dead-end in your life and find yourself full of energy. HAKUNA MATATA mate.

Where to watch the lion king?

Disney Plus is your best bet, even though it is available on Apple TV, Google Play, Vudu.

The nominations

  • Visual effects

Toy Story 4

This movie is a result of pure out of the box thinking. This story revolves around the toys in a kid’s room. These toys are alive the whole time and have a life of their own. Even though most of the story is a plain comedy, the core of the movie is very tight and intense. The emotions conveyed in this movie are enough to make a grown man cry. This is a creation of Disney, hence no need to question the animation of the movie.

Where to watch Toy Story 4?

You can stream this movie on Apple TV and google play. Other channels like Vudu can also stream this movie.

The nominations

  • Animated feature film.

These are few ways to stream the Oscar nominated movies 2020 on Roku. Every movie on the list deserves to be watched irrespective of the award nomination hype, as they are some of the finest artworks ever made.

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